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Theology Conference 2015: Postscript

Greg Strand – February 20, 2015 Leave a comment

The EFCA Theology Conference was held on the Trinity International University campus the end of January. The Preconference topic addressed the important theme of “Soteriological Essentials and the Significance of Silence: Arminianism/Wesleyanism, Calvinism/Reformed (baptist) and Lutheranism and the EFCA.” The Conference theme focused on the vital subject of “The Doctrine of the Scriptures.”

There were over 400 in attendance, which is the second largest Theology Conference on record. The Scriptures and soteriology (and doctrine/theology more broadly) matter to the EFCA, its pastors and churches. Both the Preconference and Conference were excellent!

Regarding the Preconference, one stated the following about both content and presenters:

The pre-conference was exceptionally valuable. The people with whom I attended were blessed to see the spirited defense of the various soteriological positions combined with the deep love and respect that the presenters had for one another. I think they learned more from the example of the presenters than they did from their presentations and they learned a lot from the presentations.

The Conference also proved to be invaluable to attendees, as noted in this comment:

The conference theme was fantastic. In every area of ministry, I find people questioning the authenticity, authority, value, and application of Scripture. This was a great idea for a theme.

And it was not just information about the doctrine of the Scriptures that was gained, but it was information that led to a recommitment to the Word of God and its application.

[The] conference subject matter provided lots of action-items for my return to ministry; likewise, it provided much encouragement for keeping the Word of God central in our work. Great choice of material!

Recordings of all the lectures and accompanying notes and PowerPoint slides are now posted on our website. We will also be posting video recordings of the lectures for local churches to use as they study these important doctrines.

EFCA Theology Conference Resources

Greg Strand – February 19, 2015 2 Comments

The recordings of the EFCA Theology Conference and the Preconference are now available. It is a joy to share the excellent content of these great messages with you.

Below you will find audio recordings of each lecture and PowerPoint slides and a pdf to accompany those lectures in which they were used.

The conference notebook contains all the notes for these sessions, along with specific bibliographies for each lecture. Use the bookmark function within this document to quickly access all the conference sessions.

We are also working on editing the video recordings and once that is completed these will also be posted.

Preconference Sessions: Soteriological Essentials and the ‘Significance of Silence’: Arminianism, Calvinism, Lutheranism and the EFCA

Greg Strand, Welcome and Introduction (Audio) (PowerPoint)

Tom McCall, Arminianism/Wesleyanism (Audio)

D.A. Carson, Calvinism/Reformed (Audio)

David Luy, Lutheranism (Audio(PowerPoint)

Panel Discussion – D.A. Carson, David Dockery, David Luy,Tom McCall, (Audio) (The audio consists of the first 13 minutes of the discussion.)

Conference Sessions: The Doctrine of the Scriptures

David Dockery, Welcome (Audio)

Greg Strand, Introduction: Framing the Doctrine of the Scriptures (Audio)(PowerPoint)

D.A. Carson, Introduction to the Present-Day Discussion (Audio)

John Woodbridge, The History of Biblical Authority: Nine Pointers (Audio)

Kevin Vanhoozer, Inerrancy and Hermeneutics (Audio) (PowerPoint)

Kevin Vanhoozer, Q&A (Audio)

V. Philips Long, Competing Histories, Competing Theologies, and the Challenge of Old Testament Interpretation (Audio)(PDF)

Douglas Moo, The New Testament Use of the Old Testament (Audio)(PowerPoint)

Panel Discussion – D.A. Carson, Douglas Moo, John Woodbridge (Audio)

Graham Cole, The Theology of Canonicity: Why a Book, Why this Book, Why this Sequence of Books within the Book (Audio)

Panel Discussion – Graham Cole, Daniel Doriani, V. Philips Long (Audio)

Daniel Doriani, Scripture in the Life of the Pastor (Audio) (PowerPoint)

Theology Conference Resource Link

Greg Strand – February 3, 2015 Leave a comment

We are now on the other side of our annual Theology Conference.

I am overwhelmingly grateful to God for this conference, including both the preconference and the conference: the speakers, the singing, the reading of Scripture, the prayer, the fellowship. It all was absolutely wonderful.

I am also deeply humbled and greatly encouraged to hear how the Lord used the conference in the lives of those in attendance. Praise be to the Lord! We pray and plan and pray again to this end, but there are many things that can and often do occur that affect that. At the end of the day, it rests in God’s good providence. God blessed us immeasurably. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

The conference recordings will be available for download soon at 2015 EFCA Theology Conference Resources. We are also working on a curriculum to accompany the video recordings to be used in local churches for leader training, adult education and small groups.

May we honor the Lord of the Word as we humbly live under and faithfully proclaim the Word of the Lord.

The theme of our Theology Preconference is “Soteriological Essentials and the ‘Significance of Silence’: Arminianism, Calvinism, Lutheranism and the EFCA.”

You can “join us” for our Preconference on Wednesday, January 28 from 1:00-5:30 PM CST. The event will be live-streamed on Users will see the event listed and will need to click on it. No passwords are necessary.

Tom McCall, Associate Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, will address the Arminian/Wesleyan view. D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, will represent the Calvinist/Reformed (Baptist) view. David Luy, Assistant Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, will speak to the Lutheran view. These three lectures will be followed by a panel discussion in which David Dockery, President, will join them. All of these men serve at TEDS, our EFCA school.

This is an opportunity not only to present the various views of the doctrine of salvation, but to model how this “unity in essentials and dialogue in differences” can/ought to be done by those who share ministry in the same place. We will, Lord willing, give an example of how we affirm in principle and live in practice this commitment.

You can also link to our Theology Conference Notebook that has notes for lectures and bibliographies of each of the Preconference speakers (pp. 7-27).

The Conference on The Doctrine of the Scriptures will follow, although TIU is not planning to live-stream it. We will make recordings available after the Conference. You can see the rest of the Notebook contains material related to it.