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Next week, April 13-15, the Gospel Coalition’s National Conference will be held in Orlando, FL. The theme is “Coming Home: New Heaven & New Earth.”

Many EFCA pastors and leaders will be in attendance. The attraction for many in the EFCA to this conference is this: The Gospel Coalition promotes the sort of gospel-centered, biblically-faithful and theologically-driven church ministry that has characterized the EFCA in the past, and which, we hope, will characterize it more and more in the future.

Since I am unable to attend, Bill Kynes, sr. pastor at Cornerstone EFC, Annandale, VA and member of the EFCA Spiritual Heritage Committee, will be hosting an early morning gathering for those in ministry in the EFCA or somehow related to the EFCA. Here are the details:

Wednesday, April 15

7:30-8:15 AM

Suwannee Rooms, #11 and 12

In addition to seeing others from the EFCA, we will bring a few updates and discuss how we can encourage and foster ministry in our local churches and in the EFCA to be gospel-centered, biblically faithful, and theologically-driven.

David Dockery, D. A. Carson and Graham Cole, all from TEDS, may also bring a greeting at this gathering. Although they already have other commitments, they are hopeful to join us for a brief moment.

If you are at the conference, please make sure to attend the EFCA gathering!