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The Historical Adam

Greg Strand – July 8, 2015 1 Comment

Books & Culture has put together a symposium on The Historical Adam. Editors have solicited contributions from a number of those addressing this important topic. As you will read, their views are on a spectrum regarding a real, historical Adam, creation of Adam de novo who was the first human being created in the image of God, original sin, among other important matters.

At our 2012 EFCA Theology Conference Preconference, Hans Madueme (Part 2), one of the contributors to this symposium, and I (Part 1) addressed this important topic under the theme “Adam and Eve: The Bible, Historicity and Humanity.” As you read these various views recommended by me, please remember that not all of them would be acceptable within the parameters of the EFCA Statement of Faith 

Denis O. Lamoureux, Adam, Where Art Thou?

Karl Giberson, Adam or No Adam, We’re Still Original Sinner 

Hans Madueme, Death of God by Poison

Harry “Hal” Lee Poe, A Case Study in Confusion

Peter Enns, Once More, With Feeling 

John Schneider, The Self-Defeating Evangelical Fight for Falsehood

William VanDoodewaard, The First Man and Woman

John Walton, View of Adam and Eve

All of these initial posts are followed up with a second post which consists of a response from the authors to the other initial contributions. These responses were not complete yet when I posted, so I did not include them in this post. However, when you read these initial articles you will want to make sure also to read the responses.  

Even though some of these views would be outside our EFCA Statement of Faith, it is still important to hear what is being said by others, ever if we disagree. There is still much to learn, not only about another position but also about our own view.

I encourage you to read these so that you can become familiar with the positions, the discussion and the debate on this important biblical, theological, historical and pastoral matter. It would also be fruitful to read these various views as elders or a leadership team and discuss them. 

As you do so, do it with your mind fully engaged, recognizing the important role the mind plays, with your Bible open, recognizing God has spoken and still speaks through that Word which is our absolute authority, and with your knees bent, recognizing we need the same Holy Spirit who inspired that Word to illuminate that Word and we are humbly dependent on the Lord to do that.