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Commandments for Pastors

Greg Strand – October 12, 2015 Leave a comment

What are the important guidelines or commandments by which you live as a pastor?

Joel Beeke identifies ten, in fact, in his words, Ten Commandments for Pastors.

They are extremely important and are the truths from which one flourishes in the Christian life and as a pastor in pastoral ministry.

I list them (not including the full statement):

  1. Give priority to your personal communion with God.
  2. Give priority to prayer and holiness.
  3. Be bibline all your life.
  4. Remember that preaching is the primary task of the ministry, and that to do it rightly, you need the Holy Spirit two times for every sermon: once in the study and then again on the pulpit.
  5. Be profoundly thankful and humbled for the honor of being an ambassador of Jesus Christ.
  6. Preach Christ to the full.
  7. Love the triune God; love your wife and children; love people; love your work.
  8. Maintain a radical sense of dependency on the anointing of the Holy Spirit in all that you think, say, and do. Lean upon the Spirit at all times.
  9. Ask God to give you a few, very close pastoral friends with whom you can hold each other accountable.
  10. Live every day with an eternal perspective that fuels evangelistic urgency for the lost and pastoral love for the saints’ maturation.

Here are a few follow up questions:

  • What is most important in your life?
  • What is most lacking in your life?
  • What might you add?
  • For those more seasoned in ministry, what would you highlight for those in the beginning stages of pastoral ministry?