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The Importance of Pastor-Theologians

Greg Strand – July 13, 2015 Leave a comment

Kevin Vanhoozer is one of the premier systematic theologians among Evangelicals. There is not much he has written that I have not read. I am grateful he serves in the role of Research Professor of Systematic Theology at TEDS, our EFCA seminary.

Recently, on behalf of the Center for Pastor Theologians (CPT), he addressed some important topics in light of the forthcoming conference sponsored by CPT. Vanhoozer responds in brief to the following questions: 

Why are Pastor-Theologians Necessary? (3:03 minutes)

What’s the Harm if Pastors are Not Also Theologians? (2:12 minutes) 

What Might Happen if the Church Had More Pastor-Theologians? (1:28 minutes)

What Led to the Separation of Pastors and Theologians? (3:02 minutes)

He asks and answers key questions about the pastor-theologian. I heartily concur with what he says! 

Here are few additional questions:

  • Through these brief videos, what did you learn?
  • How do you need to grow as a pastor-theologian?
  • How do you foster the model of pastor-theologian with others?