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Teaching Church History to Your Children

Greg Strand – February 13, 2015 Leave a comment

Jeff Robinson lists 7 Reasons to Teach Our Children Church History.

  1. Because they must know that Christianity is a historical faith.
  2. Because we want them to avoid chronological snobbery.
  3. Because they must know that the Bible is worth dying for.
  4. Because they must know that theology is important. .
  5. Because they must see that we are part of Christ’s church through the ages.
  6. Because we want them to know that even great men are deeply flawed.
  7. Because it encourages them to obey the ninth commandment.

It is vital that we teach and instruct our children the Bible. I also affirm that it is important that we teach our children God’s marvelous works through church history. But in order for us to teach our children, we first need to know this history so that we can teach it. For many, it might be a case of learning as you are leading/teaching. Wonderful. Don’t let that dissuade you for doing it.

One of the resources we used that we all appreciated was the The One Year Book of Christian History: A Daily Glimpse Into God’s Powerful Work by E. Michael and Sharon O. Rusten. Each day’s reading consists of a person or event with a brief concluding section with reflection questions and a biblical text. The title of this devotional explains the scope; the subtitle emphasizes its focus. This work was a wonderful family devotional companion.

There are many other excellent resources we used. Robinson also lists some of those resources he is presently using with his children in his post.

What have you used?