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With the arrival of President David Dockery to Trinity International University, one of his first tasks was to commission a University Hymn Selection Committee. Dr. Don Hedges and Dr. Greg R. Scharf served as chairs and the culmination of their work is seen in a new University Hymn, authored primarily by Professor Lois C. Fleming. 

This was one of the hymns we sang as part of our corporate worship at the Theology Conference. Many have asked for a copy of the lyrics. I am grateful I have been given permission to make them available to those who inquired along with many others introducing it, in turn, to many others. 

The lyrics are biblically rich and accurately reflect some of the key doctrinal truths we affirm in our EFCA Statement of Faith.

This is sung to the melody of The Church’s One Foundation.


University Hymn

Trinity International University


Text: Lois Fleming

We praise You, God our Father,
We worship Christ, Your Son;
We glory in the Spirit,
Three Persons, ever One.
We gather as one body
United in the Lord;
Diverse in gifts and callings,
Yet joined in one accord.

Inerrant and effectual,
Your word forever stands;
Great peace have they who love it,
And follow Your commands.
We would be wise and faithful,
Just, merciful and true;
“Entrusted with the gospel,”
Show Christ in all we do.

Transform us, Holy Spirit
To serve our Risen Lord,
Reflect His perfect beauty
In thought, and deed and word.
Wholehearted in our service –
Empower our work, O Lord;
Until we stand in Glory,
Your Presence, our reward.

© Trinity International University, 2014